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Great news ahead:

on 2nd 2016, Bart Picqueur will be conducting the Royal Band of the Belgian Guides in an all Belgium program, including his own Symphony N°0 ‘Phoenix ex cinere sum renascitur’ (Beriato/Hall Leonard) and Night in Venice by Wouter Lenaerts, featuring Cpt. Yves Segers as flute soloist


Stage UML

from 14 IV 2014 to 21 IV 2014 Bart Picqueur will be conducting at the annual band camp of the “Union Musicale des Landes”. Southwest of France.

80 young musicians, coached by 20 excellent instrumentalists will work an entire week and conclude with two concerts in the Dax region on Easter saturday and sunday.

Minor Scale Music pieces on the program are ‘Fanfares festives sur les fantasmes fantomatiques de Monsieur Maurice’ and ‘Histoires Landaises’ as well as a new composition, written for the occasion.