Bart Picqueur (°1972) studied at the conservatories of Ghent (be) and Tilburg (nl), obtaining master degrees in music theory, conducting and clarinet, as well as a pedagogical diploma. Among his teachers: Freddy Arteel, Dirk Brossé, Fabrice Bollon and Hardy Mertens.

He currently dedicates his time to composing, conducting, and teaching conducting. His main working field is the symphonic wind orchestra. Along his career however he made several side steps into theatre music, a rock band called Wonderbrass Aweful Powerband and many other entertainment forms.
His works have been performed and recorded by world class orchestras such as the Royal band of the Belgian Guides, Osaka Municipal Band, The Sächsische bläserphilharmonie, The Royal Military Band of the Netherlands etc. A detailed list of recordings can be find in the downloadable portfolio above

Bart Picqueur is principal conductor of the “Koninklijke Harmonie Ste. Cecilia Zele” (his hometown band in which he musically grew up) and is frequently asked guest conductor and lecturer both in Belgium and abroad.