Danzas del infierno

Royal band of the Belgian Guides; Yves Segers y Frederic Devreese

featuring Danzas del infierno




New wind Repertoire 2008 De Bello Gallico

Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band; Kazuyoshi Akiyama

featuring De bello gallico




Talking Shoes

Mistral Wind Orchestra; Bart Picqueur

featuring Clowns & Acrobats




States of Mind

Royal Band of the Belgian Guides; Henry Adams

featuring De bello gallico




Young conductors meet young composers

Symphonic Wind Band conservatory of Antwerp; Dimitri Bracke

featuring Symphony n°O Phoenix ex cinere suo renascitur




A taste for music

Polizeimusikkorps Baden-Würtemberg; Toni Scholl

featuring a Froghitter’s fantasy




Jan Praet Musical

Koninklijke harmonie Ste. Cecilia Zele; Dirk De Caluwe




The legend of Ratu Kids

Luftwaffenmusikkorps  Münster; Timor Oliver Chadik

featuring Moretus





RBO Leipzig  Jan Cober

featuring: Le chevalier de Versailles




Portraits of Spain


featuring a froghitters fantasy




Tales & legends

The Royal Netherlands Army Band Johan Willem Friso; Henrie Adams

featuring El batallón de los zapatos rotos




Over the edge

Fodens Band;  Russel Gray, Nick Ost Euphonium

featuring Dr. Livingstone I presume





RBO Leipzig; Timor Oliver Chadik

featuring On wings




Audivi media nocte

Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy;  Jan Cober

featuring Coppa fragole




Casual Chic

Inge Smedts, flute and Hanna Grociak, Harp

Featuring Dreaming