Fanfares festives sur les fantasmes fantômatiques de monsieur Maurice

aka “Festive fanfares on frantic fragments from a french friend”

Grade 5, appr. 30′


Trilogy based on Ravel’s “Bolero”, Originally written for a street festival in Lille, northern France. Three movements can perfectly be played separately and are separately available.

1. Gigue qui pique: Ravel’s original themes in a somewhat faster dance

2. Procession comique: 2 newly composed themes in a steady procession, building up in dynamics and tempo, ending in a 2nd line New Orleans dixi a march. (optional ending before the “mardi gras” section

3. Bolero Fantastique: 2 newly composed themes with orchestral reference to “Bolero”, Middle section as a development of Ravel’s themes and motives, and grand finale.

set of parts: € 350 excl. score (25% of as soft score), seperate movement: € 100 (1-2) € 150 (3)

A3 Full score deluxe edition (hard score only): € 80 (excl. shipping costs)

A3 Full score seperate movement: € 35