SUITE CLASSIQUE, l’as 2 pique

In April 2015, the new piece for the “union musicale des Landes” eventually got his name at the premiere in St. Vincent de Paul, France…

The orchestra, considered being “mother” of the piece, giving birth to the music choose the name “l’as 2 pique” (the ace of spades)… The composer being considered “father” added a more descriptive component: “suite classique”

The work consists of 5 movements, all based on the same 4 note motive. This motive giving unity to the variation in musical styles and characters.

The suite is meant to be a grade 4 piece, during approximately 15 minutes… some of the movements, such as the toccata or the choral are also suitable for independent execution…

find a sample here:


Stage UML

from 14 IV 2014 to 21 IV 2014 Bart Picqueur will be conducting at the annual band camp of the “Union Musicale des Landes”. Southwest of France.

80 young musicians, coached by 20 excellent instrumentalists will work an entire week and conclude with two concerts in the Dax region on Easter saturday and sunday.

Minor Scale Music pieces on the program are ‘Fanfares festives sur les fantasmes fantomatiques de Monsieur Maurice’ and ‘Histoires Landaises’ as well as a new composition, written for the occasion.



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