Jeu de cartes

Band: Grade 4 , requires professional soloists; appr. 20′



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Jeu de cartes was written for the Berlin Saxophone quartet Clair-obscur. Composer and ensemble first met during a CD recording in Leipzig, Germany.

Jeu de cartes depicts 4 different caracters of playing cards, all of them with a different saxophone in the frontline.

“Queen of hearts”, stately and sensual, “Jack of spades”, as macho as can be, “10 of diamonds” (flemish “koeketien” is slang for the french

“concubine” which means mistress) playful and sexy and ultimately “the fool”… is he as foolish as he pretends to be? Beware, he can

transform in all others, to  their utter dismay. Virtuoso soloparts including some comedy and pantomime…enjoy

set of parts (excl. full score) € 250 (25% of as soft score), seperate movement: € 100

A3 Full score deluxe edition (hard score only): € 70 (excl. shipping costs)

A3 Full score seperate movement: € 35