It is with great excitement and joy that we welcome Obe Vermeulen to our team!

From this day forward, MINOR SCALE MUSIC is no longer a one-composer-publisher. Obe Vermeulen is a young and very promising composer from Ghent, Belgium. His pencil is fluid and original. His first pieces in our catalogue are 14 cadenzas for solo instruments , a true challenge for any professional player or advanced music student. Hopefully for many more to come!


MINOR SCALE MUSIC will exhibit at the Clarinetfest 2018. Meet us at booth R4 and browse new music for Clarinet in various settings. At the same booth you’ll meet fellow composer Dietrich van Akelyen and Tamara Cuypers, performance coach.

Bart Picqueur is composer in residence at Clarinetfest 2018. Some new compositions as the lament for common man for Bass Clarinet and wind orchestra (Howard Klug / Belgian Guides) will be played amongst some older pieces, dressed in clarinet…


From now on, minor scale music will come up with a monthly special offer, putting one piece in the picture…

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So here’s the promo for october 2014:

At purchase of any piece from the catalogue, you get the choral from “suite classique” for free!!! This choral is the 3rd movement from this suite, written for the youth band project of the “Union Musicale des Landes”, France,  last spring.

A plain melody with a colorful harmony, is presented by the clarinet choir (ad lib. by the organ), gradually building up towards an orchestral climax, ending in a reflective coda…

A demo will be posted soon

This offer is valid on all orders before november 1, midnight (CET)

Clearly the Choral can be ordered as a separate piece and the entire suite is available as well!



Promotie oktober 2014

Bij bestelling van een werk naar keuze uit de catalogus, krijgt u het koraal uit “Suite clasique” er gratis bovenop. Dit koraal is het 3e deel uit deze suite die werd gecomponeerd voor de jongerenstage van van de “Union Musicale des Landes”, Frankrijk, vorige lente.

Een eenvoudige melodie met een kleurrijke harmonisatie wordt voorgesteld door de klarinetsectie (of het orgel, indien voorradig), om stelselmatig op te bouwen naar een orkestrale climax, eindigend in een zacht mijmerend coda.

Een opname volgt asap

Dit aanbod is geldig voor alle bestellingen voor 1 november 2014, middernacht (CET)

Uiteraard kan u het koraal, of de hele suite ook op zichzelf bestellen. 

preparing for Chicago (part1)

Minor scale music is Bart’s corner for orchestral wind music, but for special occasions, we make special editions!

Yesterday was the first reading session for the new piece “Fiddler on the rocks”, for string orchestra, to be presented at the midwest convention in Chicago, next december. “Fiddler on the rocks” will be premiered by “Kamerorkest van de Kust’, the chamber orchestra of the Ostend conservatory.




18+ but don’t be afraid

A new page has been added to the site today.

Although the title suggests adult content, it is actually quite harmless poetry, presenting a work entitled: “What’s on a man’s mind”.

It was written for Westrode Percussion ensemble, conducted by Walter Van De Venne, and the Armenian soprano Hratsuhi Aramiam.

Their performance was worth a silver medal at the World Music Contest 2009, Kerkrade, Holland…

SUITE CLASSIQUE, l’as 2 pique

In April 2015, the new piece for the “union musicale des Landes” eventually got his name at the premiere in St. Vincent de Paul, France…

The orchestra, considered being “mother” of the piece, giving birth to the music choose the name “l’as 2 pique” (the ace of spades)… The composer being considered “father” added a more descriptive component: “suite classique”

The work consists of 5 movements, all based on the same 4 note motive. This motive giving unity to the variation in musical styles and characters.

The suite is meant to be a grade 4 piece, during approximately 15 minutes… some of the movements, such as the toccata or the choral are also suitable for independent execution…

find a sample here:



Thank you for visiting my website. I’m pleased to inform you about myself and my music.

Here you will find all available information on my works published by minor scale music, as well as the ones available at the well known major scale company or others.

Any unanswered question…please send an e-mail to info@minorscalemusic.com

A nice day to all of you, may music bring you love and joy!